Event Event-ID: 202401

Summary of Completed Registration:
Member : 91
Spouse : 25
Children : 31
Guest : 14
Driver : 23
Total : 184
Total Amount : 156100


Sl Type RegNo Name Mobile Spouse KidsAbove5Yr KidsUnder5Y Guest Driver PickupPickup_PointAmountStatus
1LIFE MEMBER 202453Z M Parvez Sazzad 1711226915NO 000YES NO 1700Success
2LIFE MEMBER 202460B.M.Nahid Neawaj 1716842044NO 000NO YES Newmarket 1000Success
3GENERAL MEMBER 202462DR. MD LEMON PERVAGE 1716705418NO 000NO YES Mymensingh sadar 1000Success
4GENERAL MEMBER 202464Dr Md Mohashin Reza 171252836YES 100NO NO 2400Success
5LIFE MEMBER 202465Md. Abul Bashar 1552382306YES 200YES -Select- 3800Success
6LIFE MEMBER 202471Subol Bose Moni 1712749920NO 000NO NO 1000Success
7GENERAL MEMBER 202473Md. Abubakor Siddik 8801814173177NO 000NO YES Kalyanpur 1000Success
8LIFE MEMBER 202479Muhammad Abdus Salam 1711988138YES 100YES -Select- 3100Success
9LIFE MEMBER 202481Md. Mahedi Mamun 1922643388NO 000NO YES Motijheel/Gulistan 1000Success
10LIFE MEMBER 202491Md. Habibur Rahman 1717800046NO 000NO YES Uttara sector 4 1000Success
11GENERAL MEMBER 202492Md. Faizul kabir 1918819898NO 000NO YES Kallyanpur,dhaka 1000Success
12LIFE MEMBER 202493Prof Dr Md Kamrul Alam 1819297203YES 100-Select- NO 2400Success
13LIFE MEMBER 202496S M Khalid Saifullah Sajeeb 1712579727YES 101-Select- YES Sagupta Morh, Mirpur -12 3100Success
14GENERAL MEMBER 202497Md Aurangzeb 1712932592YES 101YES NO 3800Success
15LIFE MEMBER 202510Md. Nur ur Rahman 1789655544NO 000NO YES New Eskaton, Ramna 1000Success
16GENERAL MEMBER 202511Md. Mamun -Ur- Rashid 1712855097YES 210NO YES Basabo, Boddhomondir, Dhaka. 3100Success
17GENERAL MEMBER 202514D Bisharot hossain 1713400503NO 000YES NO 1700Success
18GENERAL MEMBER 202516Md. Nurul Islam Shahjahan 1558852880YES 000NO YES Boddho mondir, basabo,dhaka 1700Success
19LIFE MEMBER 202518Md.Ashraf Hossain 1711052937NO 000YES NO 1700Success
20GENERAL MEMBER 202520Md.Habibur Rahman 1718020820-Select- 000-Select- YES Mohammad pur, Dhaka 1000Success
21LIFE MEMBER 202525MOHAMMAD. SHAHJAHAN ALI 1711826031NO 000-Select- -Select- 1000Success
22GENERAL MEMBER 202526R.M.Selim Shahnawaz 1710184397NO 000NO NO 1000Success
23GENERAL MEMBER 202533Professor Jahangir Alam 1711480495NO 000NO NO 1000Success
24GENERAL MEMBER 202534Md. Rezaul Karim 1915484566-Select- 001-Select- -Select- 1700Success
25LIFE MEMBER 202546Prof. Dr. Md. Ashadul Islam 1716880108NO 000YES NO 1700Success
26LIFE MEMBER 202547Md Kamrul Hasan 1799050403YES 200YES NO 3800Success
27LIFE MEMBER 202551Md. Ali Kadar. 1979998800NO 000YES NO 1700Success
28GENERAL MEMBER 202552Md. Rafiqul Islam 8801715368501NO 000NO YES Lalmatia, Dhaka 1000Success
29LIFE MEMBER 202556Dr. Dipankar Sarkar 1712528362-Select- 001-Select- YES Mirpur Mazar road ( konabari bus stand) 1700Success
30GENERAL MEMBER 202559Dr. Md. Faruque Hossain 1409832737NO 000NO YES Mirpur-1 1000Success
31GENERAL MEMBER 202560Dr. S.M. Raqibul Hasan 1718692502NO 000NO YES Bosila- Mohammadpur 1000Success
32LIFE MEMBER 202562Sharmina Akthar 1816567308YES 101-Select- YES Baily road 3100Success
33LIFE MEMBER 202564MD. AZIZUR RAHAMAN 1764756076YES 100-Select- -Select- 2400Success
34GENERAL MEMBER 202568Dr.Md.Alfazzaman 1715043612-Select- 000-Select- -Select- 1000Success
35LIFE MEMBER 202571MD MIZANUR RAHMAN 1712653201YES 100NO NO 2400Success
36GENERAL MEMBER 202573Shohely Sultana 1676284714-Select- 001-Select- YES Sobhanbag 1700Success
37LIFE MEMBER 202574MOHAMMAD ASHRAFUL ISLAM 8801712005268NO 000YES NO 1700Success
38GENERAL MEMBER 202575Md. Abu Jafar Ikbal 1716538902YES 100-Select- -Select- 2400Success
39LIFE MEMBER 202577Tariq Akhtar Khan 1717659303NO 000YES NO 1700Success
40GENERAL MEMBER 202581Md. Rashidul Islam 1716213100NO 000-Select- -Select- 1000Success
41LIFE MEMBER 202582Md Akhtaruzzaman Akhtar 1716793692NO 000NO YES 1000Success
42LIFE MEMBER 202583Satyendra Kumar Sarkar 1715238824NO 000YES NO 1700Success
43GENERAL MEMBER 202584Rousona Jahan 1739387051YES 100-Select- YES Mirpur 14 2400Success
44GENERAL MEMBER 202587Nazma Zabin 1816197224YES 021NO NO 2400Success
45LIFE MEMBER 202588Md. Nazrul Islam 1768968041NO 000YES -Select- 1700Success
46GENERAL MEMBER 202595Md.Mustafa Anowar 1718083494YES 000NO YES Sector-7,House Building,Uttara(Infront of Mascot Plaza)Dhaka 1700Success
47GENERAL MEMBER 202596Md. Faruk Hossain 1718044163NO 000YES NO 1700Success
48GENERAL MEMBER 202598Major Dr Fazle Rabby 1721185986NO 000NO -Select- 1000Success
49GENERAL MEMBER 202600Dr Masum Reza 1634335458NO 000-Select- YES 1000Success
50GENERAL MEMBER 202602Md Rokonuzzaman 1724466176NO 001NO YES Bangla Motor 1700Success
51GENERAL MEMBER 202609Md. Abdur Razzaque 1721054055NO 000NO NO 1000Success
52GENERAL MEMBER 202614Firoza Banu 1718729160NO 200-Select- -Select- 2400Success
53LIFE MEMBER 202616Md. Kabuat Ali Biswas 1733135238YES 200NO YES 3100Success
54GENERAL MEMBER 202620Md Abdur Rahman 1913947136NO 000NO NO 1000Success
55GENERAL MEMBER 202621Md. Rabiul Islam 1726008789NO 000NO NO 1000Success
56GENERAL MEMBER 202623Md Sazzadur Rahman Khan 1712261026NO 000NO YES Farmgate, Dhaka 1000Success
57GENERAL MEMBER 202625Md.Habibur Rahman 1712528285NO 000NO NO 1000Success
58GENERAL MEMBER 202626pintu lal dutta 1711187744-Select- 000YES -Select- 1700Success
59LIFE MEMBER 202628Md. Atiqur Rahman 1913070105YES 200NO NO 3100Success
60LIFE MEMBER 202631MD Anisur Rahman 1712597528NO 000NO NO 1000Success
61LIFE MEMBER 202632Md. Shafiqur Rahman 1715510074NO 000NO NO 1000Success
62LIFE MEMBER 202634Swapna Kumar sarker 1712130051-Select- 000-Select- -Select- 1000Success
63GENERAL MEMBER 202635A.S.M. TARIQUL ISLAM 1912296896YES 100NO YES Mirpur-13 2400Success
64GENERAL MEMBER 202636Md. Abdul Hakim 1717510675NO 000NO NO 1000Success
65LIFE MEMBER 202639Rabiul Islam 1716203409NO 000NO -Select- 1000Success
66GENERAL MEMBER 202640Md. Eaklasur Rahman 1719564384NO 000NO NO 1000Success
67GENERAL MEMBER 202641md. ayub hossain 1711950135-Select- 000-Select- -Select- 1000Success
68GENERAL MEMBER 202645Md. Shahbuddin 1711587259NO 000YES NO 1700Success
69GENERAL MEMBER 202646Saleha Akter 1743141222YES 200NO YES Motijheel,Bangladesh Bank,Colony. 3100Success
70LIFE MEMBER 202647MD SHAJIDUL ISLAM 1682001412NO 000NO YES Officer's Club Dhaka 1000Success
71LIFE MEMBER 202650Dr. Susmita Das 1711102198NO 000NO NO 1000Success
72LIFE MEMBER 202651Md.Imdad Jahid 1731850830YES 100-Select- -Select- 2400Success
73GENERAL MEMBER 202652Md. Zahangir Alom 1715845328-Select- 000YES -Select- 1700Success
74LIFE MEMBER 202653A K M Fazlur Rahman 1617580398YES 100YES NO 3100Success
75GENERAL MEMBER 202655MD.SAHBUB ALAM 1711201266-Select- 000-Select- -Select- 1000Success
76GENERAL MEMBER 202659Dr. Md. Abdus Samad 1711219474NO 001NO YES Bashundhara RA 1700Success
77LIFE MEMBER 202660MD MAHMUDUL HASAN 8801715410420-Select- 111-Select- YES mouchak market 2400Success
78GENERAL MEMBER 202661MD.ABDUR RASHID(Rasel) 1557648432NO 000NO YES GPO,Dhaka 1000Success
79LIFE MEMBER 202662H. M. Salauddin Monzu 1717510851-Select- 000-Select- -Select- 1000Success
80GENERAL MEMBER 202663Md Abul Kalam Azad 1728340769NO 000NO YES Radio colony, savar 1000Success
81LIFE MEMBER 202665Nihar Ranjan Sarker 1711427478-Select- 000YES -Select- 1700Success
82LIFE MEMBER 202667Md Shahabuddin Khan 1715424014YES 000YES NO 2400Success
83LIFE MEMBER 202670Jewel Rana 1722365441NO 000NO NO 1000Success
84LIFE MEMBER 202672Md.Monjurul Hafiz 1710864747-Select- 000YES -Select- 1700Success
85LIFE MEMBER 202673Md. Hasanuzzaman Kallol 1714452315NO 001YES NO 2400Success
86LIFE MEMBER 202674MD Alamgir Hossain BPM 1712154773-Select- 000YES NO 1700Success
87LIFE MEMBER 202681Dr. Mostafa Tarique (Ronee) 1711029322YES 100-Select- YES Katabon 2400Success
88GENERAL MEMBER 202682MD. ATAUR RAHMAN 1711237550NO 000NO YES Asadgate, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 1000Success
89GENERAL MEMBER 202684Md. Suzauddoula 1912146365-Select- 000-Select- YES Diabari, sinnirtek, Mirpur 1000Success
90GENERAL MEMBER 202685Md. Suzan Ali 1960860416NO 002NO YES Banglamotor 2400Success
91GENERAL MEMBER 202689Nasim Reza 1717874862YES 201NO NO 3800Success